Is Social Media Marketing Dead in 2020?

Facebook Marketing

Facebook advertising has significantly helped local businesses build their brand and reach out to potential customers using its never-ending list of features and marketing benefits.


One of the most overlooked benefits of Facebook marketing is its simplicity. It is ridiculously easy to create Facebook ads and learn how it works.


The fact that most small local businesses are making the leap to running Facebook ads independently is a positive sign because Facebook wants its advertising platform to rank high on simplicity without compromising on usefulness.


Provided all that, it’s important for us to take note of some of the most important benefits of Facebook advertising and understand how they help local businesses take their brand to a whole new level.


let’s cut to the chase!


8 Reasons Why You Should Be Investing in Facebook Ads for Local Businesses


Here are the top reasons why Facebook Marketing is important for local businesses in 2020


1.   Your Audience is on Facebook


Facebook’s online user base – 1.49 billion people! This is by far, the largest online user base which is even bigger than the Chinese population. It receives a mind-numbing 22 Billion ad clicks every year, making it one of the most successful social media advertising platforms for businesses around the world. All this makes it the largest advertising opportunity for all businesses irrespective of their size and budget. If you have an audience to target for your marketing campaigns, you will most probably find it on Facebook.


2.   Build Significant Brand Engagement


A huge percentage of what makes any business successful online is how it interacts with people and prospects on their business pages, website, or forums. Most brands realize the importance of user engagement and use Facebook advertising to generate and build user engagement. Garnering a significant number of likes, comments, shares and other interactions on your advertising content, is a clear sign that people find your brand relatable and the content valuable. Couple all this with some serious social media management and you will dramatically improve your Facebook marketing campaign’s engagement rate.


3.   Get Cost-Effective Online Traction


Why should businesses invest in any kind of online marketing? Well, it helps them drive significant traffic to their business website and allows them to achieve their business goals. The cost of getting all this done is quite cheap on Facebook. Comparing it to other marketing channels available on the Internet, you can set a lower budget and still get the amount of engagement and organic activity on Facebook. You will be surprised to know what spending $5 on Facebook can do for your local business.


4.   Test and Learn to Make Decisions


Analytics on the Facebook advertising platform makes marketing easier for every marketer and business owner. You get a ton of information about your business page and the marketing campaigns you have run for it. With Facebook Analytics, you can give the guesswork some rest. Everything you do on Facebook is quantifiable and is well-presented in the form of charts and graphs on the advertising platform. Therefore, the best way to get better at Facebook advertising is running A/B tests. Learning from what works and what doesn’t will help you make better Facebook marketing decisions in the future. Try different ad copies, images, headlines, and targeting to see what works and what doesn’t. This will set you up for major success in 2020.


5.   Exceptional Precision Targeting


As we mentioned earlier, the chances of you finding your target audience on Facebook are high. But, to make the most of Facebook advertising, you will have to target your potential customer in the most accurate way possible. Well, there’s nothing to worry about here since Facebook’s advertising platform has one of the most advanced targeting features. Marketers on Facebook have tons of targeting options like behavior, interest, language, location, demographics, and more to get their ads seen by a specific group of people.


6.   Run Revenue-boosting Remarketing


Remarketing campaigns can really take your business to the next level. To explain remarketing in a sentence, all you need to know is that it helps you reach out to the people who showed interest in your products or services but refused to make a purchase or hire. You can create Facebook ad campaigns specifically for such people and drive them back to your website! This has worked like magic for most local businesses and can definitely help you too.


7.   Make Most of Video Ads


Facebook newsfeed algorithm makes sure the users are having a time of their lives when they scroll through it. And what do most users like to consume? Videos. Video ads can get you much more engagement than other forms of content on Facebook. Videos ads are emotional and can be used to develop trust with your target audience. They have an ample amount of value that can help you drive your target group to do what you want them to do. Just make sure you create powerful scroll-stopping videos that compel people to watch it to the end.


8.   Build Email List / Drive Traffic to Blog


There is no substitute for creating high-quality content and pushing out more and more valuable stuff on the regular. But, what if nobody even knows that you are creating content? Yup, that’s exactly where Facebook marketing can help you out. You can run Facebook ads to drive relevant traffic to your content and make your target audience enter your online sales funnel. Create top-notch gated content and use it to build your email list. The reason why we insist on building an email list for your local business is that an email address is the most reliable piece of user-information that you can have. You can send regular updates to the people who have signed up for your newsletter and improve sales throughout the year.


Wrapping Up

Facebook marketing is only going to get better. With new technologies like AR and VR making their space in the marketing world, Facebook will definitely make sure it keeps evolving to match the modern trends. Having said that, it is crucial for local business owners to get started with Facebook advertising today as competition to get some newsfeed real estate will only get fierce with time. To learn more about Facebook Marketing and how we can help provide value Click HERE


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